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Welcome to my project showcase, where you'll find a selection of the projects I completed during my Master's program in Marketing Analytics at USC. I was particularly interested in using qualitative and quantitative methods to understand consumer behavior and trends, and to develop customer-centric products and strategies. My focus was on utilizing a combination of macro-level industry, market, and competitive analysis, as well as micro-level consumer quality analysis to make data-driven decisions. I continue to find joy in applying new ways to measure customer lifetime value and optimize customer journey in order to increase revenue for my clients and organizations.

Consumer Research Project

In this project, I examined the relationship between content diversity and customer satisfaction and loyalty (Net Promoter Score) at Netflix, using a combination of qualitative (IDI, focus group) and quantitative (500 surveys) research methods. I found a strong positive correlation between content diversity and NPS and CLV across races and ethnicities, highlighting the importance of representation and inclusivity in the media industry and its positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


New Product Development Project

As part of a new product development class at USC, I researched and analyzed the streaming industry, with a focus on Amazon Prime Video. My goal was to identify opportunities and challenges, and develop a new concept that would cater to busy working millennials. I proposed "Prime Party", a shared viewing feature that allows users to watch and interact with their friends in real-time. 


My approach included conducting 5C and 4P analysis, identifying potential opportunity areas and leveraging technology, and testing the concept with consumers. The feedback was positive, and the financial forecast predicted an increase in total revenue, gross profit, market share, and subscription rate by the end of 2022. The launch plan aimed to leverage Amazon's existing channels, specifically Twitch, and target urban cities with a household income of over $85,000.


Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan

For my Marketing Strategy class, I developed an Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan for Netflix. I analyzed the external environment and internal capabilities, and proposed recommendations for the company to retain its leadership in the streaming video on demand market. My report included suggestions for Netflix to partner with Spotify to enter the music and video podcast streaming industry, sell exclusive content through the new Metaverse, and develop a Sports vertical to tap into the live sports industry. The goal of the project was to help Netflix solidify its place in the home of streamers and continue to turn a profit despite rising costs, competition, and operational challenges.


Amazon Prime Video: Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan 

For my Marketing Management studies, I created an Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan for Amazon Prime Video. I conducted market research and analyzed the 5 C's and 4 P's of marketing to identify opportunities and challenges for the company. My recommendations included investing in licensing and content to gain subscribers, improving content-mix quality by focusing on festival awards and partnerships, and increasing market penetration among minority populations. This project showcases the importance of a well-crafted marketing strategy in addressing key challenges and retaining and attracting customers.


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