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Film Projects

Filmmaking is not just a storytelling craft for me - it's an entrepreneurial adventure. It’s mastering the art of managing limited time and resources, overcoming hurdles without losing enthusiasm, and adeptly managing projects and people. What thrills me in this journey is the process of taking ideas, garnering capital and resources, and shaping these elements into products.

White Structure

FRIENDS (2019)

In 2019, I took the helm as the director and producer of a short film, earning accolades at the NYC Festival of Cinema and the 72-Hour Film Festival. As the youngest person leading the charge, I steered a crew of 27. Together, we turned our shared vision into a cinematic reality within the span of a mere month. Faced with a stringent timeline and resource constraints, our result was nonetheless a triumph - a film that not only met but exceeded expectations, proof that even under pressure, our shared creative spark could create something remarkable.

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