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Olivia Chen

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Breaking norms and blurring lines – as a Business Innovation Strategist at Icon Group, I fuse the esoteric art of storytelling with the precision of analytics, delivering standout strategies that provoke intrigue and generate growth. In a world saturated with ‘me-too’ products, my mission is to design offerings that tickle the imagination and capture hearts.


When I'm not hunting down the latest tech trends and the seismic consumer shifts, you'll find me, a renaissance soul, experimenting with an eclectic mix of art forms - music, painting, photography, and cinema. These immersive experiences are more than hobbies; they're the springboard for my inspirations, sowing seeds for brilliant ideas on the innovation stage at Icon.

What excites me? The potential of shaping the future, and more importantly, doing cool things while having a good time! 

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